3 Real Estate Agents’ Haunted House Stories

Dated: October 11 2021

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3 Real Estate Agents’ Haunted House Stories
October 11, 2021

3 Real Estate Agents’ Haunted House Stories

Real Estate Agents Tell Stories of Supernatural Encounters

Whether you’ve been working in real estate for a few months or a few decades, you likely have stories of quirky clients and peculiar homes — but some agents’ tales are even stranger.

Just in time for Halloween, we’ve collected nightmarish stories from agents across the country who have had paranormal experiences on the job. Even agents who say they don’t believe in ghosts might admit to experiencing something in a home that can’t be explained. While you may worry about finding a buyer for a house where things go bump in the night, fret not.

Many people aren’t opposed to buying a haunted home, data shows. In a survey conducted by Realtor.com, 33% of people said they were open to living in a haunted house, and 25% said they might be open to the idea.

If you have a client who’s interested in buying or selling a haunted house, it might help to hear from agents who have been there before. These spooky stories tell of agents’ encounters with the supernatural. Ready to be frightened? Read on. 

A Gravestone and a Ghost

Liz Petzke of St. Joseph, Michigan, told the story of her “very first client in real estate,” which led to the sale of a haunted house — and a happy homebuyer.

“I had a client who loved old homes. We were looking at an 1800s farmhouse that was now in a downtown area, so it had a much smaller yard. As we were looking around the yard, he asked, ‘Is that a gravestone?’ I walked over to get a closer look, and indeed, there was a grave marker in the corner of the yard. It was so old you could not read the inscription. My client was very curious about it, but not deterred. I made a mental note to follow up on the legality of the whole thing. Nonetheless, we moved on.

“As we toured the home, I was in the threshold of the dining room and kitchen area. My client stood by the kitchen sink when the door from the kitchen to the back door (between myself and my client) suddenly slammed shut. He and I just stared at each other blankly, and I made some joke about a ghost. 

“He ended up purchasing the home. I've checked in on him on occasion, and he says the home is definitely haunted and he has stories. Luckily, it's a friendly entity and he's really into history, so he finds it fascinating.”

A Terrifying Figure

Lynda Austin of the Space Coast of Florida said she was showing homes to a family “in a very upscale neighborhood” when the unexpected happened. 

“The home was full of furniture, and no one lived there anymore. The furnishings were very dated, and the home was very large and elegant. We were in the home and the husband was lingering behind in another room, so the wife and I stopped to wait for him. As we waited by the pool table, there was a family room across from us. As we looked up, a white figure glided across the room and out the side of the house where there was no door; it passed through the wall. It was a full figure. I screamed, and the wife laughed. The husband came running, and we were in hysterics, laughing at the situation.    

“She was not bothered by it, but I was a bit freaked out. As it was, they bought a home that had a story of being a bordello in another gated community. There wasn't anything going to bother this lady. She said, ‘We will just bless this home and make it ours.’”

Mystery at an Open House

Kevin Efird of Boca Raton, Florida, told the tale of an open house that he held one rainy Sunday afternoon.

“The home was Mediterranean style and about 20 years old with a private, indoor elevator. Because the weather was poor, only one tour was given. At the conclusion of the open house, I began shutting lights and locking doors, starting on the second floor. I decided not to take the stairs down and got into the elevator. I was alone — or so I thought. 

“After entering the elevator, I closed the iron gate and hit the first-floor button, waiting for the very slow descent down. As the elevator started moving down, the bottom of the door became visible and something caught my eye. It was a glimpse of someone wearing black shoes walking towards the master bedroom!  

“A chill ran down my spine because the owners were out of town, and we only had one person show up to the open house, who I walked out. Once the elevator reached the first floor, I raced back upstairs and searched every nook and cranny… but no one was there!”

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