House Hunting for La Lechuza: Famed Feathery Foe of Texas

Dated: October 18 2021

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House Hunting for La Lechuza: Famed Feathery Foe of Texas
October 18, 2021

House Hunting for La Lechuza: Famed Feathery Foe of Texas

This Old Owl Needs a Texas Nest in Which to Rest

Whooo is La Lechuza? This mythical monster comes from Mexican and Tejano folklore, and she’s used as a popular scare story by parents looking to get their children to behave. These spooky stories passed down over generations tell the tale of a woman who sold her soul for magical powers. She uses her magic to shapeshift into a large owl, taking revenge on those who wronged her in her previous life. If you’d like to hear accounts from Texans who encountered La Lechuza, check out the podcast below:

Before we take to the skies to find this legend a new place to roost, let’s dig into the history of La Lechuza.

The Legends of La Lechuza

“Lechuza” is Spanish for owl, and La Lechuza has been used for centuries to spread fear and prompt obedience in children. La Lechuza mimics the cry of a baby, luring unsuspecting victims outside so the owl can swoop in for her latest meal. Some versions of the legend say she preys on drunkards — others say she preys on babies. Parents often opt for the latter explanation, using La Lechuza as a fear tactic to keep their children from misbehaving.

La Lechuza has been described as being between four and seven feet tall with a 15-foot wingspan. Her body is reminiscent of a giant owl, but her face is that of an old woman. 

Stories surrounding La Lechuza have been told since the Spanish colonized Mexico back in the 1820s. Although her exact origins are unknown, the tales may have been inspired by a giant owl that frequented barns and other abandoned structures. Despite this possible explanation, reports of La Lechuza sightings have persisted for centuries.

In January 1976, Alverico Guajardo heard a noise outside his trailer home in Brownsville. When he went outside to check, he was confronted by an about four-foot-tall bird with a long beak and eyes as big as silver dollars, its face more like a bat than a bird.

"That animal is not from this world," he told a reporter for the Corpus Christi Times, "I was scared."

While La Lechuza has plagued residents for centuries, let’s not forget she’s a native Texan like many of us. She’s simply misunderstood and could use a home nest to rest her wings in the beauty that is the greater Houston area.

Nests for La Lechuza

The average price for a home in Houston is $267,794 an affordable price range for our mythical amiga. After all, La Lechuza has been swooping away drunkards for years, and with that comes plenty of pocket change and wallets to fund her current home search. 

Alvin, TX - $630,000

Home in Alvin, Texas

This one-of-a-kind home is located in Alvin, about 20 minutes south of Houston as the crow (or owl) flies. Resting on a 5-acre lot, this beautiful 4 bed, 4.5 bathroom home features a wraparound porch that provides fantastic views of the surrounding scenery. The property has a huge yard with abundant trees, perfect for La Lechuza to set up nests for daytime sun soaks after long nights cruising the skies. 

Nixon, TX - $780,000

Ranch Home in Nixon, Texas

Our next home is a ranch in Nixon that sprawls over 72 acres. A huge plus for this property is the old oil well in the front yard that could easily be converted into a roost for La Lechuza to cozy up in. The home is located on the highest hill on the property, providing breathtaking views of the countryside. The main living quarters feature 2 bedrooms,1.5 bathrooms, and an expansive porch for sipping iced tea in the hot Texan sun. The property also includes two ponds perfectly suited for birdbaths. 

George West, TX - $1,000,000

Custom-Built Home in George West, Texas

This property in George West offers the perfect mix of privacy and plush living. The custom-built 3 bed, 2.5 bath two-story barndominium is the ideal listing for La Lechuza. Sitting on 20-plus acres of land, this property features two ponds stocked with fish, two barns, a greenhouse, and a chicken coop complete with chickens, quail, ducks, and geese, giving our ornery owl plenty of feathery figures to befriend. Everything about this listing showcases the freedom, privacy, and simplicity of country living. 

As a real estate agent, you have to be prepared to serve clients from all walks of life, including feathered witches like La Lechuza. Now the only question left is what to get her as a closing gift...

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